Online ticket system for end customers

Enterprise systems

The consultants at eMundo were instrumental in the development of an Internet portal for rail ticket sales. It has been the most visited eCommerce website in Germany for many years.

This project implemented the capturing of booking data and set-up of a booking process for the online sales portal for private, corporate and major customers. The portal gives customers the option to purchase tickets online as an anonymous or registered user. The solution offers a large number of personalisation options within the portal and the booking process (such as preset destinations or seat reservations). Tickets can also be bought using mobile phones, via WAP and MMS.

Furthermore, interfaces were implemented to other providers in the travel sector, such as car hire companies and hotels.

Deutsche Bahn


  • Implementation of client and server components
  • Multi-disciplinary areas such as build, dependency and config-management
  • System architecture and design of the backend components

Technical Data

  • UML for object-oriented analysis and design
  • Server technology: BEA WebLogic AppServer
  • Connection to other systems via web-services
  • Programming: Java/J2EE, JSP, XHTML, Javascript, JQuery
  • Operating systems: Windows/client, Solaris/J2EE, AppServer

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