Inventory management system for the pharmaceutical wholesale trade

Enterprise systems

The project centred on the migration of the preexisting inventory management system with the aim of efficiently mapping the specific business processes of pharmaceutical whole salers and the implementation of new web based requirements that can only be integrated into the pre existing architecture in a very complex and cost intensive way.

In addition to controlling key business processes such as order processing, purchasing and storage, the software implements interfaces to automated warehouse management systems and for secure data exchange between clients and pharmaceutical wholesalers over the internet. Key factors for success are extensive automation of order entry and order management, a high degree of delivery service and short order throughput times.



  • Technical project management of a distributed development team
  • System architecture in a heterogeneous IT landscape
  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture design
  • Implementation of client and application servers
  • Training for customer staff on how to operate the system

Technical Data

  • Customised Scrum as SW development process
  • Server infrastructure: Apache, Tomcat, Spring Framework
  • implementation in Java with Eclipse IDE
  • Operating systems: Windows client, Linux/AIX/Solaris (application server)
  • DB access layer on Informix with Hibernate
  • Reporting with JasperReports
  • GUI programming in Swing with SAF and JGoodies
  • Asynchronous communication via JMS

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