App for mobile customer information and consultation

Mobile app solutions

Quirin Bank is the first fee based advisory bank in Germany. In contrast to other banks, Quirin Bank does not try to sell investment products and make money from the commission. Rather, the quality of the consulting itself is the product, forming the core of their business. This perception was also the building block for the performance requirements of an app solution.

The aim of the app is to enable those interested to access relevant information about Quirin Bank in order to acquaint themselves with the fee based advisory model. The app should also allow existing clients to access the status report of their client portfolio and communicate directly with advisers. Another focalpoint alongside the topic of security was the development of a chat system between the adviser and client, that allows the adviser to continue to use their usual email client.



  • Implementing a server and integrating it into the structure of the different pre existing banking systems
  • Developing REST-JSON APIs while modifying the existing systems as little as possible
  • Implementing a chat system, including the mapping of iPad messages to email and vice versa
  • Secure communication regarding sensitive data

Technical Data

  • Server side
  • Jersey
  • REST-JSON API for connecting the mobile clients (iOS)
  • Authenticator (HMAC-SHA1) for example AWS
  • Apache email together with routing tables and Microsoft Exchange
  • JPA
  • jQuery, HTML, CSS (web presence, admin panel)
  • Client side
  • iOS
  • Libical for events (iCal format)
  • Google API client (YouTube)
  • Objection (dependency injection)
  • Outlay
  • Conception & design: 50 man days
  • Implementation of clients, server: 300 man days

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