Rollout of the industry software phoenics

Data migration

BG-Phoenics GmbH specialises in IT services for accident insurance institutions and social insurance agencies. It develops and operates the industry solution phoenics. This newly developed industry solution maps all business processes that statutory accident insurance agencies need to fulfil their legal tasks. The workflow-controlled system replaces existing legacy applications with a highly integrated complete system.

Members of BG-Phoenics are the German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance in the Construction Industry (with 8 regional locations and around 2.8 million policy holders in 500,000 companies) and the German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance in the Food stuffs and Hospitality Industry (1 location with around 3.4 million policy holders in over 400,000 companies). To enable a seamless and on schedule rollout at these institutions, a multi stage migration procedure was developed that transferred the data from the institutes’ standalone, heterogeneous legacy applications across to the new system. The data in the regional system solutions was first migrated into the target system as separate clients, and then merged into a common database.



  • Specification of a coherent migration strategy for all members
  • Transfer of data from various legacy systems
  • Selection and migration of the data needed for operational activities
  • In-depth analysis of the legacy data (data mining) to initiate necessary corrections to the data
  • Modelling of a relational data model for the transfer and transformation of the data from different legacy systems
  • Consolidation and completion of the original data to meet the requirements of the target system (e.g. automated identification and merging of duplicates or automated address correction
  • Inspection of the data for professional and technical integrity
  • Creation of metrics for success monitoring of the migration
  • Provisioning and populating the archive system PARC with the legacy system’s complete database
  • 1.36 billion datasets were moved and 670,000 ready-to-run processes were carried over to the new system

Technical Data

  • z/OS and AIX operating systems
  • IBM DB2
  • Citrix
  • UC4 Workload Automation Suite
  • IBM Rational Change
  • IBM Rational Synergy
  • MID Innovator
  • BOC Adonis
  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage

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