Intelligent Taxi Approach System for airports

Enterprise applications

The aim of the project is to expand the guide system already in use at Stockholm-Arlanda airport for controlling the taxi approach at the terminal (called Taxi Remote) so that this concept can be applied to many different airports and other facilities. Furthermore, we will also provide support in the commissioning of the software. The Taxi Management System (TMS) is an in-house APCOA system specifically developed for the management of taxis and has been running successfully for many years at airports in Scandinavia.

The TMS consists of hardware and software components. On the hardware side, the system uses barriers, voucher printers and display panels alongside active transponders with corresponding reader units. The software supports an optimal flow of traffic and enables the logging of quality criteria. It also provides for the control of short distance journeys, management of pre booked taxis and more. All the taxi zones – the main holding zone, intermediate holding zone, taxi ranks and SXF overflow buffer zone – are integrated into the TMS to guarantee end-to-end management of the approaching taxis.



  • Complex flow control for requesting taxis
  • Flexible layout for waiting zones (phase 2): Waiting zones can be activated or deactivated during operation.
  • High number of external interfaces (hardware such as barriers, airport ESB, mobile clients, APCOA Business Intelligence System, ERP system for accounting
  • The system should have multi-client capabilities. Every client can have several sites (airports, ports, etc.).

Technical Data

  • Modulith architecture where hardware device ‘drivers’ are implemented as stand-alone modules
  • Spring Boot
  • Dependency injection and AOP
  • REST interface for connecting mobile clients (Spring MVC)
  • Spring Security (for authentication/authorisation)
  • JPA 2 (Persistence)/Hibernate
  • Java/Netty for communication with external systems (barriers, transceivers, printers, etc.)
  • Swing/JGoodies for rich client framework

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